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The Shakespeare Standard, 2nd Annual Bardie Award Winner: YSP East is the Winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Children’s Education Program (K-12), 4/23/2015

The Shakespeare Standard is delighted to announce the winners of its second annual Bardie Awards. The awards honor outstanding work throughout the world of Shakespeare. Winners are selected from among nominees submitted for the 2014 calendar year.

Monte, “Young Shakespeare Players East-Underage Thespians”, The River, 12/3/2014

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Henke, Richard, “Bringing the Bard to Brattleboro”, The Commons, 10/12/2012

Jaques, Damien, “My Most Inspirational Theater Person”, On Milwaukee, 12/29/2011


“Before joining the Young Shakespeare Players East this spring, I’d never acted before in my life. During 13 exciting weeks, I not only learned the amazing language of William Shakespeare and prepared for a large role in “Romeo & Juliet,” but I also became embraced by a community that accepted kids of all ages, incomes and abilities, and empowered them, on a tiny budget, to teach each other all the aspects of running a full-length Shakespeare production.

I found that I love to act, love the works of Shakespeare, and love that YSPE gives kids autonomy and leadership. What a rare and precious thing in our fearful society. My experience is that YSPE and its director, Suzanne Rubinstein, are loving, warm, and accepting to all.”
-Madeleine Lombard, YSP East Actor

“I have attended YSP East since it began almost 4 years ago in September 2012. YSP East has been a huge part of my life since day one. I have learned so much about acting, theater, history, community and collaboration. I have made many great friends because of YSP East. Nobody has ever been turned away from attending YSP East for any reason whether it be acting experience or ability, learning disabilities, health issues or ability to pay. We welcome all, and whether you are veteran or brand new to YSP East, you are soon a member of our family.”
-Max Shannon, YSP East Actor

“YSP is an absolutely magical place. It gives young people the opportunity to learn about Shakespeare’s language at an extremely high level and develop their acting skills in a community where everybody can feel accepted and no one feels judged. The actors at YSP never fail to amaze me with their ability to understand and share the complexities of Shakespeare’s language and characters, as well as being able to focus for hours on end! I feel SO blessed that I have the opportunity to be involved with YSP/YSP East – it truly is a second home.”
-Mara Hoyt, YSP East Actor

“I have witnessed firsthand the high level of respect that Rubinstein gives to every child in the organization. They are a group of kids with widely divergent abilities, and YSPE provides them with a depth of experience and a level of self-mastery that is uncommon in our current educational environment.”
-Ben James, YSP East Parent

“Suzanne has done an incredibly wonderful job inspiring children to perform full length productions of Shakespeare plays, putting in countless hours of rehearsal with dedication, spirit and kindness toward these young performers. The children come away from the experience with not only a deep understanding of the particular work of Shakespeare they are learning, but a newfound respect for their fellow performers and, most importantly, themselves.

The result is truly inspirational and a meaningful accomplishment in their young lives which will provide them with added confidence in their adult lives.”
– Stephen Worth, YSP East Parent

“My children have participated in innumerable youth programs throughout the Valley, but Young Shakespeare Players East has been by far the best, providing intellectual and emotional growth unavailable anywhere else. Key to the program’s success, in my opinion, is the fact that it’s mostly run by the children themselves, aged 7 and up. ”
-Jon Lackman, Parent of YSP East Actor
“Young Shakespeare Players East has been a life enhancing experience in the lives of my boys and our family. We have always been an artistically minded and a culturally adventurous family, but YSP brought our artistic and cultural pursuits to a new high with the additional benefits of a welcoming and close knit community. YSP is a boon for both the children and their families – and what is most amazing is seeing children aged 7 to 18 fully embracing and understanding uncut Shakespeare, and acting with total relish and gusto!”
-Miranda Shannon

“For all of you considering Young Shakespeare Players East, it is an excellent, multi-faceted experience. This is true for both the actors and all family members! My family has been involved for two years and I enthusiastically encourage you to Give It A Try!”
-Claire H.

“My son has participated in three Young Shakespeare Players East productions, and It has been a wonderful, educational and community building experience. As a homeschooling family, YSP meets educational goals in language, literature, and history, while also building confidence and having a great time. I can’t say enough about the director, Suzanne Rubinstein, and her amazing ability to work with youth offing so much love and support. But the real gift for us both has been the building of a solid community of families, dedicated to this program.We love YSP!”
-Amy E.

“This is a wonderful, wonderful program for children! It’s unlike any other theater experience. The children work together, build a community, and support each other. The works are not dumbed-down; Young Shakespeare Players East understands that children are capable of so much more than we give them credit for and the children really come through! The productions are amazing! YSP fosters artistic, emotional and intellectual growth for all participants. We feel very fortunate to be a part of such a dynamic and awesome program and community of young actors.”
-Michelle Wolf

“What an incredible program! Dazzling performances by these young actors, the stage crew and support. And what a treat especially to see those young people act and move with such confidence and talent. Truly inspiring!”
-Amelio F.

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  1. Best Wishes for the coming year. As always YSPE has come through this unusual year with flying colors when schools, arts organizations, and recreation groups have find new ways to serve their communities! “The readiness is all.”
    Barbra Eaton and Ed Salners

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