YSPweblogoThe Young Shakespeare Players (YSP), a non-profit theater program founded in 1980, invites young people ages 8-18 to perform full-length, original works of Shakespeare, G.B. Shaw and Dickens. There are no auditions at YSP. All members of the YSP ensemble receive one or more substantial speaking roles. Designed to show participants, their families, and the community that these plays are delightful, accessible, and fun, YSP is the only year-round program of its kind. Actors learn to appreciate both the language and the drama in these great works as well as the technical aspects of acting and stagecraft. Special programs are also available for veteran YSP actors ages 12 and up, and adults.

Young Shakespeare Players-East is the very first YSP chapter outside Madison, WI. The New England chapter is committed to the mission and values of YSP, using the same materials and methods. With the help of YSP Founders, Richard and Anne DiPrimaYSP East-New England’s Director, Suzanne Rubinsteinand a group of talented volunteers, YSP East is inspiring young people in the region to fall in love with the works of Shakespeare, and through their immersion into classical theater find their voice. 


Providing unmatched growth for young minds and helping young people find a voice through understanding and performing classical theater.


  • YSP fosters a culture of inclusiveness and collaboration— not competition
  • YSP’s high standards of authenticity, understanding, and performance create optimal expectations and challenges that help the actors grow
  • YSP functions as a multi-layered community for the actors and their families
  • YSP always strives to bring out the beauty of “the best this species has to offer”


Our motto is “the readiness is all.” At YSP there are no auditions. Every young person, ages 8-18, who participates will receive substantial speaking roles. YSP East is committed to the principle that no one should be excluded from participation because of the costs of tuition and performances are always FREE. Contact Suzanne Rubinstein, 802-258-7922, for more information.

Young Shakespeare Players-East is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with no paid staff and no overhead. Tuition and donations to the company go directly to productions costs: rehearsal and performance space rental, costumes and costume rental, props, make-up, sets, printing and a modest stipend for directors and technical assistants. Any additional funds collected go toward scholarships for actors. 

Commitment to Non-discrimination

Young Shakespeare Players East does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, citizenship status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender expression, body type, physical ability, or disability in the administration of any of its programs, registration policies, or scholarships, as well as volunteer policies and other activities. 

YSP East is the proud recipient of the 
2014 Bardie People’s Choice Award:
Best Shakespeare Educational Program (K-12)