YSP East Staff

Suzanne Rubinstein, Director and Co-Founder of YSP East

Suzanne has worked in development and marketing in the nonprofit sector for over two decades. She is the mother three YSP actors, and has volunteered at YSP in Madison, WI for six years. Now in New England, she is thrilled to share the joys of YSP and classical theater with local young people, their families and the greater community.

Mara Hoyt, Assistant Director

Mara Hoyt is a senior at Smith College, and is very excited to help out at YSP-East for As You Like It. Mara is majoring in Theatre at Smith. In Fall 2015 she studied abroad at LAMDA in London, which was very exciting, and she can now do a passable British accent. A high point of that trip was attending a production of A Winter’s Tale with Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench on Christmas Eve, which was brilliantly done. This past summer (2016) she attended an 11-week apprenticeship at the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and learned even more about the professional world of theater.

Miranda Shannon, Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Miranda lives in Amherst, MA and is the mother of two YSP East veteran actors (and three older daughters). She has volunteered as Parent Coordinator since YSP East launched in the fall of 2012.  Miranda is the master of schedules, organizing volunteers, and keeping parents informed. We are grateful to have her as a member of our team.

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