YSP East Staff

Suzanne Rubinstein, Director and Co-Founder of YSP East

Suzanne has worked in development and marketing in the nonprofit sector for over two decades. She is the mother three YSP actors, and has volunteered at YSP in Madison, WI for six years. Now in New England, she is thrilled to share the joys of YSP and classical theater with local young people, their families and the greater community.

Annabelle Fitch, Assistant Director

Annabelle Fitch has been working with the Young Shakespeare Players East for nine productions, and has directed for five. After holding positions such as that of an apprentice director, assistant costumer, and stage manager, she is excited to be an assistant director for King Henry IV Part One. When not directing or acting, Annabelle is passionate about creative writing and psychology. Something she appreciates about Shakespeare’s works is their psychological realism, which is one reason why she continues participating in YSP East. As for others, she adores the supportive, mature, and intellectual community. A program fostering curiosity and compassion, YSP has become her second home.

Leo Sanzone, Assistant Director

Anan Eisenstein Bond, Apprentice Director and Head Costumer


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